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140Watts54 124
141Webb54 036
142Lawrence53 575
143Bradley52 955
144Jenkins52 608
145Wells52 410
146Chambers52 399
147Spencer52 194
148Poole52 038
149Atkinson51 520
150Lawson50 971
151Day50 489
152Woods50 230
153Rees50 058
154Fraser49 924
155Black49 851
156Fletcher49 725
157Hussain49 663
158Willis49 648
159Marsh49 438

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In Great Britain : 227 652 people share the surname Wilson according to our estimation
The surname Wilson is the 8th most common name in Great Britain.

Geographical spread

This map shows the geographical spread by county of surname Wilson in Great Britain. For example you can see below that over 5 % people whose name is Wilson live in Lancashire­.

Data by county

BelfastWilson is the 1st surname7 984 people
West SussexWilson is the 2nd surname9 562 people
NorthumberlandWilson is the 3rd surname6 388 people
LancashireWilson is the 5th surname12 853 people
YorkWilson is the 5th surname4 882 people
Stockton-on-TeesWilson is the 6th surname3 238 people
Argyll and ButeWilson is the 6th surname3 312 people
CornwallWilson is the 7th surname4 834 people
FlintshireWilson is the 8th surname3 270 people
CumbriaWilson is the 7th surname4 920 people
KentWilson is the 8th surname9 552 people
Glasgow CityWilson is the 8th surname7 966 people
MerseysideWilson is the 9th surname7 988 people
South LanarkshireWilson is the 10th surname3 282 people
GuernseyWilson is the 10th surname1 628 people
South YorkshireWilson is the 11th surname7 978 people
West YorkshireWilson is the 14th surname8 012 people
CheshireWilson is the 14th surname7 988 people
OrkneyWilson is the 15th surname1 730 people
Greater LondonWilson is the 16th surname12 841 people
HampshireWilson is the 17th surname6 486 people
County DownWilson is the 17th surname3 292 people
AberdeenshireWilson is the 17th surname3 226 people
Aberdeen CityWilson is the 21th surname3 288 people
LincolnshireWilson is the 22nd surname4 912 people
West DunbartWilson is the 22nd surname1 678 people
DevonWilson is the 24th surname4 876 people
Isle of ManWilson is the 25th surname1 644 people
DorsetWilson is the 26th surname3 228 people
LeicestershireWilson is the 30th surname3 262 people
CeredigionWilson is the 34th surname1 726 people
North LincolnshireWilson is the 37th surname1 612 people
Perth and KinrossWilson is the 39th surname1 720 people
DerbyshireWilson is the 39th surname3 324 people
Channel IslandsWilson is the 41th surname1 706 people
South AyrshireWilson is the 43rd surname1 678 people
NorfolkWilson is the 48th surname3 220 people
StaffordshireWilson is the 50th surname3 306 people
ConwyWilson is the 51th surname1 724 people
Dundee CityWilson is the 55th surname1 728 people
CarmarthenshireWilson is the 55th surname1 662 people
SwindonWilson is the 58th surname1 636 people
Isle of WightWilson is the 62nd surname1 696 people
Tyne and WearWilson is the 75th surname3 324 people
NottinghamshireWilson is the 75th surname3 252 people
LutonWilson is the 76th surname1 706 people
SouthamptonWilson is the 76th surname1 656 people
West LothianWilson is the 80th surname1 742 people
North LanarkshireWilson is the 82nd surname1 686 people
County LondonderryWilson is the 82nd surname1 620 people
Stoke-on-TrentWilson is the 90th surname1 646 people
Scottish BordersWilson is the 98th surname1 688 people
MidlothianWilson is the 99th surname1 712 people
Greater ManchesterWilson is the 99th surname3 276 people
MiddlesbroughWilson is the 113rd surname1 718 people
City of EdinburghWilson is the 119th surname1 652 people
FifeWilson is the 124th surname1 746 people
E Riding of YorkshireWilson is the 158th surname1 710 people
WiltshireWilson is the 196th surname1 712 people
EssexWilson is the 194th surname3 218 people
SuffolkWilson is the 210th surname1 710 people
County DurhamWilson is the 215th surname1 742 people
North YorkshireWilson is the 237th surname1 740 people
BuckinghamshireWilson is the 264th surname1 684 people
CambridgeshireWilson is the 335th surname1 700 people
BerkshireWilson is the 357th surname1 704 people
HertfordshireWilson is the 426th surname1 654 people
SurreyWilson is the 580th surname1 732 people

Sorted by county

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