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40Ward125 643
41Turner125 278
42Carter124 343
43Phillips121 845
44Mitchell121 734
45Patel119 855
46Adams116 035
47Campbell115 972
48Anderson115 333
49Allen112 703
50Cook111 306
51Bailey111 011
52Parker109 943
53Miller109 474
54Davis108 041
55Murphy106 245
56Price105 993
57Bell105 417
58Baker104 639
59Griffiths104 048

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In Great Britain : 181 296 people share the surname Watson according to our estimation
The surname Watson is the 18th most common name in Great Britain.

Geographical spread

This map shows the geographical spread by county of surname Watson in Great Britain. For example you can see below that over 5 % people whose name is Watson live in West Yorkshire­.

Data by county

LeedsWatson is the 2nd surname8 029 people
OxfordshireWatson is the 2nd surname7 977 people
Perth and KinrossWatson is the 3rd surname4 877 people
Tyne and WearWatson is the 4th surname8 079 people
West YorkshireWatson is the 7th surname9 583 people
Stockton-on-TeesWatson is the 7th surname3 235 people
SouthamptonWatson is the 8th surname3 239 people
County LondonderryWatson is the 10th surname3 203 people
BuckinghamshireWatson is the 11th surname4 841 people
Scottish BordersWatson is the 13rd surname3 271 people
BournemouthWatson is the 16th surname3 247 people
FifeWatson is the 19th surname3 317 people
DarlingtonWatson is the 29th surname1 683 people
CornwallWatson is the 30th surname3 233 people
Redcar and ClevelandWatson is the 32nd surname1 695 people
SuffolkWatson is the 36th surname3 281 people
Greater LondonWatson is the 35th surname9 665 people
East AyrshireWatson is the 35th surname1 645 people
Glasgow CityWatson is the 38th surname4 779 people
Greater ManchesterWatson is the 40th surname4 859 people
PembrokeshireWatson is the 43rd surname1 641 people
West SussexWatson is the 44th surname3 215 people
WiltshireWatson is the 49th surname3 283 people
South AyrshireWatson is the 49th surname1 663 people
Argyll and ButeWatson is the 54th surname1 711 people
BedfordshireWatson is the 54th surname3 229 people
CambridgeshireWatson is the 57th surname3 271 people
Kingston upon HullWatson is the 61th surname1 683 people
Dundee CityWatson is the 61th surname1 713 people
County ArmaghWatson is the 64th surname1 627 people
RenfrewshireWatson is the 72nd surname1 731 people
Bristol AvonWatson is the 76th surname1 605 people
KentWatson is the 79th surname4 791 people
West LothianWatson is the 80th surname1 739 people
LutonWatson is the 83rd surname1 691 people
AngusWatson is the 88th surname1 647 people
Stoke-on-TrentWatson is the 92nd surname1 643 people
MerseysideWatson is the 97th surname3 215 people
MidlothianWatson is the 100th surname1 709 people
MiddlesbroughWatson is the 112nd surname1 715 people
City of EdinburghWatson is the 120th surname1 649 people
HampshireWatson is the 133rd surname3 311 people
Brighton and HoveWatson is the 135th surname1 741 people
NorthumberlandWatson is the 152nd surname1 627 people
AberdeenshireWatson is the 156th surname1 625 people
E Riding of YorkshireWatson is the 160th surname1 707 people
WarwickshireWatson is the 197th surname1 611 people
East SussexWatson is the 217th surname1 663 people
SomersetWatson is the 219th surname1 613 people
County DurhamWatson is the 241th surname1 727 people
CardiffWatson is the 256th surname1 623 people
StaffordshireWatson is the 269th surname1 717 people
NorfolkWatson is the 350th surname1 619 people
BerkshireWatson is the 371th surname1 701 people
LincolnshireWatson is the 375th surname1 725 people
NottinghamshireWatson is the 409th surname1 663 people
DevonWatson is the 449th surname1 689 people
South YorkshireWatson is the 449th surname1 631 people
CheshireWatson is the 494th surname1 641 people
SurreyWatson is the 625th surname1 717 people
EssexWatson is the 790th surname1 629 people

Sorted by county

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