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40Ward125 643
41Turner125 278
42Carter124 343
43Phillips121 845
44Mitchell121 734
45Patel119 855
46Adams116 035
47Campbell115 972
48Anderson115 333
49Allen112 703
50Cook111 306
51Bailey111 011
52Parker109 943
53Miller109 474
54Davis108 041
55Murphy106 245
56Price105 993
57Bell105 417
58Baker104 639
59Griffiths104 048

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In Great Britain : 134 059 people share the surname Scott according to our estimation
The surname Scott is the 36th most common name in Great Britain.

Geographical spread

This map shows the geographical spread by county of surname Scott in Great Britain. For example you can see below that over 5 % people whose name is Scott live in Hertfordshire­.

Data by county

AngusScott is the 2nd surname3 941 people
County DownScott is the 4th surname3 985 people
OxfordshireScott is the 5th surname6 445 people
County DurhamScott is the 6th surname5 268 people
BuckinghamshireScott is the 6th surname5 222 people
East AyrshireScott is the 6th surname2 668 people
HertfordshireScott is the 6th surname7 710 people
NorthamptonshireScott is the 13rd surname3 971 people
West LothianScott is the 15th surname2 762 people
YorkScott is the 17th surname2 730 people
NorfolkScott is the 17th surname3 913 people
East RenfrewshireScott is the 24th surname1 489 people
Tyne and WearScott is the 27th surname4 017 people
NottinghamshireScott is the 29th surname3 945 people
CumbriaScott is the 31th surname2 768 people
LancashireScott is the 42nd surname6 547 people
South YorkshireScott is the 47th surname3 913 people
North YorkshireScott is the 49th surname2 760 people
South AyrshireScott is the 52nd surname1 439 people
CardiffScott is the 54th surname2 646 people
HampshireScott is the 58th surname4 007 people
FlintshireScott is the 60th surname1 445 people
BedfordshireScott is the 61th surname2 666 people
BelfastScott is the 64th surname2 660 people
BridgendScott is the 68th surname1 455 people
Isle of WightScott is the 68th surname1 457 people
Dundee CityScott is the 74th surname1 477 people
RenfrewshireScott is the 82nd surname1 495 people
Greater LondonScott is the 88th surname5 276 people
Bristol AvonScott is the 90th surname1 381 people
LincolnshireScott is the 96th surname2 760 people
PortsmouthScott is the 98th surname1 415 people
SouthamptonScott is the 99th surname1 417 people
EssexScott is the 104th surname3 911 people
Scottish BordersScott is the 114th surname1 449 people
MidlothianScott is the 116th surname1 473 people
West MidlandsScott is the 121th surname3 973 people
MiddlesbroughScott is the 127th surname1 479 people
CheshireScott is the 137th surname2 664 people
FifeScott is the 153rd surname1 507 people
NorthumberlandScott is the 181th surname1 391 people
LeicesterScott is the 185th surname1 387 people
E Riding of YorkshireScott is the 190th surname1 471 people
KentScott is the 216th surname2 642 people
Aberdeen CityScott is the 222nd surname1 463 people
DorsetScott is the 224th surname1 403 people
WarwickshireScott is the 240th surname1 375 people
SomersetScott is the 254th surname1 389 people
SuffolkScott is the 256th surname1 471 people
LeicestershireScott is the 277th surname1 437 people
DerbyshireScott is the 299th surname1 499 people
West SussexScott is the 303rd surname1 393 people
BristolScott is the 351th surname1 443 people
Glasgow CityScott is the 416th surname1 383 people
CambridgeshireScott is the 441th surname1 449 people
Greater ManchesterScott is the 514th surname1 451 people
MerseysideScott is the 535th surname1 393 people
West YorkshireScott is the 545th surname1 429 people
SurreyScott is the 692nd surname1 493 people

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