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90Walsh73 208
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99Butler69 298

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In Great Britain : 152 842 people share the surname Martin according to our estimation
The surname Martin is the 26th most common name in Great Britain.

Geographical spread

This map shows the geographical spread by county of surname Martin in Great Britain. For example you can see below that over 5 % people whose name is Martin live in Hampshire­.

Data by county

SouthamptonMartin is the 2nd surname4 145 people
LeicestershireMartin is the 3rd surname5 486 people
HampshireMartin is the 7th surname9 549 people
Isle of WightMartin is the 7th surname2 852 people
LancashireMartin is the 7th surname12 236 people
CardiffMartin is the 8th surname6 781 people
Glasgow CityMartin is the 9th surname6 765 people
LutonMartin is the 9th surname2 850 people
KentMartin is the 12nd surname8 110 people
DerbyMartin is the 14th surname2 830 people
DevonMartin is the 14th surname5 514 people
OxfordshireMartin is the 16th surname4 125 people
West SussexMartin is the 16th surname4 121 people
EssexMartin is the 19th surname8 120 people
ShropshireMartin is the 22nd surname2 834 people
West MidlandsMartin is the 28th surname9 515 people
Isle of ManMartin is the 35th surname1 455 people
Redcar and ClevelandMartin is the 41th surname1 521 people
CeredigionMartin is the 44th surname1 549 people
StirlingMartin is the 55th surname1 537 people
StaffordshireMartin is the 63rd surname2 876 people
SurreyMartin is the 64th surname4 209 people
East LothianMartin is the 71th surname1 529 people
Kingston upon HullMartin is the 75th surname1 509 people
Tyne and WearMartin is the 90th surname2 894 people
West LothianMartin is the 96th surname1 565 people
PortsmouthMartin is the 97th surname1 477 people
South YorkshireMartin is the 113rd surname2 790 people
MidlothianMartin is the 114th surname1 535 people
BournemouthMartin is the 125th surname1 487 people
Hereford and WorcesterMartin is the 147th surname1 469 people
County DownMartin is the 162nd surname1 517 people
YorkMartin is the 166th surname1 533 people
Brighton and HoveMartin is the 172nd surname1 567 people
E Riding of YorkshireMartin is the 188th surname1 533 people
CumbriaMartin is the 197th surname1 571 people
WarwickshireMartin is the 238th surname1 437 people
WiltshireMartin is the 242nd surname1 523 people
GloucestershireMartin is the 252nd surname1 497 people
SomersetMartin is the 253rd surname1 439 people
SuffolkMartin is the 255th surname1 521 people
East SussexMartin is the 260th surname1 489 people
DerbyshireMartin is the 297th surname1 549 people
BelfastMartin is the 303rd surname1 463 people
NorthamptonshireMartin is the 328th surname1 515 people
Greater LondonMartin is the 362nd surname2 894 people
BerkshireMartin is the 422nd surname1 527 people
LincolnshireMartin is the 431th surname1 551 people
CambridgeshireMartin is the 439th surname1 511 people
HertfordshireMartin is the 510th surname1 465 people
Greater ManchesterMartin is the 513rd surname1 513 people
MerseysideMartin is the 534th surname1 455 people
West YorkshireMartin is the 543rd surname1 479 people
CheshireMartin is the 575th surname1 467 people

Sorted by county

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