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40Ward125 643
41Turner125 278
42Carter124 343
43Phillips121 845
44Mitchell121 734
45Patel119 855
46Adams116 035
47Campbell115 972
48Anderson115 333
49Allen112 703
50Cook111 306
51Bailey111 011
52Parker109 943
53Miller109 474
54Davis108 041
55Murphy106 245
56Price105 993
57Bell105 417
58Baker104 639
59Griffiths104 048

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In Great Britain : 198 193 people share the surname Lewis according to our estimation
The surname Lewis is the 12nd most common name in Great Britain.

Geographical spread

This map shows the geographical spread by county of surname Lewis in Great Britain. For example you can see below that over 5 % people whose name is Lewis live in West Midlands­.

Data by county

East SussexLewis is the 1st surname8 039 people
Hereford and WorcesterLewis is the 1st surname4 847 people
NewportLewis is the 2nd surname4 857 people
Merthyr TydfilLewis is the 4th surname3 269 people
Neath Port TalbotLewis is the 4th surname6 517 people
BristolLewis is the 7th surname6 457 people
West MidlandsLewis is the 7th surname15 998 people
Rhondda Cynon TaffLewis is the 8th surname3 287 people
Shetland IslandsLewis is the 9th surname1 769 people
CarmarthenshireLewis is the 9th surname3 277 people
Greater LondonLewis is the 11th surname14 456 people
ShropshireLewis is the 12nd surname3 293 people
SwanseaLewis is the 12nd surname3 273 people
North YorkshireLewis is the 13rd surname4 941 people
Greater ManchesterLewis is the 14th surname6 477 people
HampshireLewis is the 14th surname6 515 people
CardiffLewis is the 17th surname4 827 people
NottinghamshireLewis is the 19th surname4 867 people
HartlepoolLewis is the 24th surname1 737 people
CumbriaLewis is the 25th surname3 363 people
CeredigionLewis is the 26th surname1 755 people
HertfordshireLewis is the 27th surname4 843 people
LeicestershireLewis is the 27th surname3 279 people
TorfaenLewis is the 27th surname1 717 people
LeedsLewis is the 28th surname3 303 people
WrexhamLewis is the 33rd surname1 675 people
County DurhamLewis is the 32nd surname3 345 people
WiltshireLewis is the 37th surname3 315 people
BridgendLewis is the 41th surname1 723 people
GloucestershireLewis is the 42nd surname3 289 people
Argyll and ButeLewis is the 44th surname1 743 people
CaerphillyLewis is the 43rd surname1 765 people
ConwyLewis is the 43rd surname1 741 people
East LothianLewis is the 44th surname1 735 people
BerkshireLewis is the 52nd surname3 319 people
SurreyLewis is the 55th surname4 921 people
BradfordLewis is the 61th surname1 659 people
West LothianLewis is the 62nd surname1 771 people
DevonLewis is the 63rd surname3 307 people
KentLewis is the 74th surname4 823 people
Bath AvonLewis is the 76th surname1 737 people
Brighton and HoveLewis is the 100th surname1 773 people
CheshireLewis is the 102nd surname3 259 people
NorthumberlandLewis is the 120th surname1 659 people
AberdeenshireLewis is the 123rd surname1 657 people
Aberdeen CityLewis is the 135th surname1 731 people
WarwickshireLewis is the 157th surname1 643 people
West SussexLewis is the 205th surname1 661 people
BedfordshireLewis is the 223rd surname1 675 people
NorthamptonshireLewis is the 229th surname1 721 people
NorfolkLewis is the 281th surname1 651 people
CambridgeshireLewis is the 288th surname1 717 people
LincolnshireLewis is the 311th surname1 757 people
South YorkshireLewis is the 385th surname1 663 people
MerseysideLewis is the 386th surname1 661 people
West YorkshireLewis is the 426th surname1 685 people

Sorted by county

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