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40Ward125 643
41Turner125 278
42Carter124 343
43Phillips121 845
44Mitchell121 734
45Patel119 855
46Adams116 035
47Campbell115 972
48Anderson115 333
49Allen112 703
50Cook111 306
51Bailey111 011
52Parker109 943
53Miller109 474
54Davis108 041
55Murphy106 245
56Price105 993
57Bell105 417
58Baker104 639
59Griffiths104 048

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In Great Britain : 147 540 people share the surname Edwards according to our estimation
The surname Edwards is the 31th most common name in Great Britain.

Geographical spread

This map shows the geographical spread by county of surname Edwards in Great Britain. For example you can see below that over 5 % people whose name is Edwards live in Greater London­.

Data by county

ConwyEdwards is the 3rd surname6 482 people
LutonEdwards is the 4th surname3 292 people
FlintshireEdwards is the 6th surname3 270 people
CardiffEdwards is the 9th surname6 384 people
CaerphillyEdwards is the 9th surname3 334 people
BuckinghamshireEdwards is the 10th surname4 856 people
StaffordshireEdwards is the 11th surname4 892 people
NewportEdwards is the 13rd surname3 254 people
BournemouthEdwards is the 13rd surname3 250 people
HertfordshireEdwards is the 13rd surname6 412 people
LincolnshireEdwards is the 24th surname4 912 people
SomersetEdwards is the 23rd surname3 214 people
North Eart LincolnshireEdwards is the 25th surname1 748 people
WarwickshireEdwards is the 26th surname3 200 people
North SomersetEdwards is the 30th surname1 676 people
TorfaenEdwards is the 30th surname1 700 people
PowysEdwards is the 31th surname1 634 people
Blaenau GwentEdwards is the 32nd surname1 726 people
Greater LondonEdwards is the 34th surname9 668 people
PembrokeshireEdwards is the 36th surname1 656 people
Neath Port TalbotEdwards is the 39th surname1 730 people
KentEdwards is the 41th surname6 380 people
GwyneddEdwards is the 43rd surname1 664 people
WiltshireEdwards is the 45th surname3 298 people
EssexEdwards is the 45th surname6 390 people
CheshireEdwards is the 50th surname4 816 people
Dundee CityEdwards is the 53rd surname1 728 people
BridgendEdwards is the 55th surname1 694 people
SwindonEdwards is the 56th surname1 636 people
Vale of GlamorganEdwards is the 56th surname1 676 people
West MidlandsEdwards is the 63rd surname6 452 people
Bristol AvonEdwards is the 67th surname1 620 people
HighlandEdwards is the 89th surname1 718 people
Stoke-on-TrentEdwards is the 92nd surname1 646 people
DerbyEdwards is the 93rd surname1 674 people
Bath AvonEdwards is the 93rd surname1 720 people
Greater ManchesterEdwards is the 101th surname3 276 people
West YorkshireEdwards is the 120th surname3 254 people
ShropshireEdwards is the 130th surname1 690 people
Brighton and HoveEdwards is the 133rd surname1 744 people
AberdeenshireEdwards is the 141th surname1 640 people
E Riding of YorkshireEdwards is the 154th surname1 710 people
DorsetEdwards is the 175th surname1 642 people
CornwallEdwards is the 196th surname1 662 people
LeicestershireEdwards is the 214th surname1 676 people
BelfastEdwards is the 259th surname1 640 people
BedfordshireEdwards is the 267th surname1 658 people
NorthamptonshireEdwards is the 272nd surname1 692 people
NorfolkEdwards is the 329th surname1 634 people
CambridgeshireEdwards is the 331th surname1 700 people
Tyne and WearEdwards is the 339th surname1 738 people
BerkshireEdwards is the 367th surname1 704 people
DevonEdwards is the 400th surname1 704 people
NottinghamshireEdwards is the 407th surname1 666 people
MerseysideEdwards is the 428th surname1 644 people
HampshireEdwards is the 581th surname1 728 people

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