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40Ward125 643
41Turner125 278
42Carter124 343
43Phillips121 845
44Mitchell121 734
45Patel119 855
46Adams116 035
47Campbell115 972
48Anderson115 333
49Allen112 703
50Cook111 306
51Bailey111 011
52Parker109 943
53Miller109 474
54Davis108 041
55Murphy106 245
56Price105 993
57Bell105 417
58Baker104 639
59Griffiths104 048

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Overview » C » Cooper : surname


In Great Britain : 161 076 people share the surname Cooper according to our estimation
The surname Cooper is the 23rd most common name in Great Britain.

Geographical spread

This map shows the geographical spread by county of surname Cooper in Great Britain. For example you can see below that over 5 % people whose name is Cooper live in West Sussex­.

Data by county

NorthamptonshireCooper is the 1st surname8 045 people
West SussexCooper is the 1st surname9 571 people
Hereford and WorcesterCooper is the 2nd surname4 827 people
HighlandCooper is the 2nd surname6 485 people
DerbyshireCooper is the 3rd surname6 505 people
North AyrshireCooper is the 4th surname3 293 people
StirlingCooper is the 4th surname3 309 people
County FermanaghCooper is the 9th surname1 677 people
West LothianCooper is the 10th surname3 337 people
DorsetCooper is the 24th surname3 237 people
CheshireCooper is the 26th surname6 411 people
CornwallCooper is the 27th surname3 257 people
SuffolkCooper is the 29th surname3 305 people
PowysCooper is the 29th surname1 643 people
LeedsCooper is the 34th surname3 283 people
West MidlandsCooper is the 36th surname8 047 people
KentCooper is the 39th surname6 389 people
OxfordshireCooper is the 43rd surname3 243 people
EssexCooper is the 44th surname6 399 people
LancashireCooper is the 46th surname6 517 people
Argyll and ButeCooper is the 48th surname1 735 people
MorayCooper is the 48th surname1 717 people
FalkirkCooper is the 49th surname1 705 people
Vale of GlamorganCooper is the 49th surname1 685 people
Isle of WightCooper is the 53rd surname1 705 people
SurreyCooper is the 57th surname4 913 people
Stockton-on-TeesCooper is the 68th surname1 661 people
Stoke-on-TrentCooper is the 79th surname1 655 people
Bath AvonCooper is the 85th surname1 729 people
HertfordshireCooper is the 88th surname3 249 people
BournemouthCooper is the 96th surname1 673 people
SwanseaCooper is the 107th surname1 679 people
HampshireCooper is the 121th surname3 323 people
Brighton and HoveCooper is the 125th surname1 753 people
ShropshireCooper is the 122nd surname1 699 people
YorkCooper is the 126th surname1 719 people
AberdeenshireCooper is the 130th surname1 649 people
E Riding of YorkshireCooper is the 144th surname1 719 people
Greater LondonCooper is the 144th surname4 919 people
CumbriaCooper is the 155th surname1 757 people
Aberdeen CityCooper is the 160th surname1 711 people
WiltshireCooper is the 179th surname1 721 people
WarwickshireCooper is the 181th surname1 623 people
GloucestershireCooper is the 195th surname1 683 people
East SussexCooper is the 197th surname1 675 people
North YorkshireCooper is the 225th surname1 749 people
CardiffCooper is the 239th surname1 635 people
StaffordshireCooper is the 244th surname1 729 people
BuckinghamshireCooper is the 248th surname1 693 people
BristolCooper is the 266th surname1 691 people
NorfolkCooper is the 302nd surname1 643 people
Glasgow CityCooper is the 310th surname1 631 people
LincolnshireCooper is the 317th surname1 749 people
DevonCooper is the 379th surname1 713 people
Greater ManchesterCooper is the 401th surname1 699 people
MerseysideCooper is the 443rd surname1 641 people

Sorted by county

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