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120Hart60 683
121Mcdonald60 431
122Brooks59 633
123Ryan59 545
124Carr59 130
125Macdonald58 450
126Hamilton58 170
127Johnston58 060
128West57 780
129Gill57 716
130Dawson57 637
131Armstrong56 917
132Gardner56 314
133Stone55 920
134Andrews55 371
135Williamson55 302
136Barker55 092
137George54 666
138Fisher54 294
139Cunningham54 280

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In Great Britain : 181 979 people share the surname White according to our estimation
The surname White is the 17th most common name in Great Britain.

Geographical spread

This map shows the geographical spread by county of surname White in Great Britain. For example you can see below that over 5 % people whose name is White live in West Yorkshire­.

Data by county

West YorkshireWhite is the 4th surname11 188 people
CambridgeshireWhite is the 5th surname6 450 people
Isle of WightWhite is the 5th surname3 286 people
LutonWhite is the 6th surname3 284 people
NorthumberlandWhite is the 8th surname4 806 people
LeedsWhite is the 9th surname4 864 people
DorsetWhite is the 9th surname4 806 people
DevonWhite is the 12nd surname6 454 people
BournemouthWhite is the 12nd surname3 254 people
HertfordshireWhite is the 12nd surname6 416 people
NorfolkWhite is the 12nd surname4 798 people
OxfordshireWhite is the 13rd surname4 812 people
YorkWhite is the 15th surname3 300 people
North YorkshireWhite is the 15th surname4 916 people
EssexWhite is the 15th surname9 566 people
KentWhite is the 16th surname7 970 people
Tyne and WearWhite is the 20th surname4 914 people
SomersetWhite is the 26th surname3 206 people
North LincolnshireWhite is the 32nd surname1 616 people
Greater LondonWhite is the 32nd surname9 672 people
DerbyshireWhite is the 38th surname3 328 people
South YorkshireWhite is the 42nd surname4 810 people
WiltshireWhite is the 49th surname3 290 people
CheshireWhite is the 48th surname4 820 people
BristolWhite is the 50th surname3 272 people
BedfordshireWhite is the 51th surname3 236 people
Vale of GlamorganWhite is the 52nd surname1 680 people
BerkshireWhite is the 59th surname3 294 people
SurreyWhite is the 60th surname4 896 people
West MidlandsWhite is the 61th surname6 456 people
LancashireWhite is the 78th surname4 926 people
Stoke-on-TrentWhite is the 83rd surname1 650 people
LincolnshireWhite is the 85th surname3 318 people
Scottish BordersWhite is the 93rd surname1 692 people
Hereford and WorcesterWhite is the 122nd surname1 650 people
HampshireWhite is the 125th surname3 318 people
FifeWhite is the 132nd surname1 738 people
AberdeenshireWhite is the 137th surname1 644 people
E Riding of YorkshireWhite is the 148th surname1 714 people
GloucestershireWhite is the 206th surname1 678 people
LeicestershireWhite is the 232nd surname1 668 people
West SussexWhite is the 240th surname1 636 people
CardiffWhite is the 244th surname1 630 people
StaffordshireWhite is the 257th surname1 724 people
NorthamptonshireWhite is the 267th surname1 696 people
Glasgow CityWhite is the 354th surname1 614 people
NottinghamshireWhite is the 394th surname1 670 people
Greater ManchesterWhite is the 420th surname1 694 people
MerseysideWhite is the 462nd surname1 636 people

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