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20Wright171 438
21Green166 423
22Harris161 505
23Cooper161 076
24King160 918
25Lee159 502
26Martin152 842
27Clarke152 502
28James151 855
29Morgan150 454
30Hughes147 802
31Edwards147 540
32Hill145 723
33Moore144 446
34Clark140 662
35Harrison137 103
36Scott134 059
37Young131 862
38Morris131 499
39Hall129 805

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In Great Britain : 183 266 people share the surname Thompson according to our estimation
The surname Thompson is the 16th most common name in Great Britain.

Geographical spread

This map shows the geographical spread by county of surname Thompson in Great Britain. For example you can see below that over 5 % people whose name is Thompson live in West Yorkshire­.

Data by county

Isle of ManThompson is the 1st surname3 326 people
MiddlesbroughThompson is the 1st surname4 986 people
Kingston upon HullThompson is the 2nd surname3 368 people
CambridgeshireThompson is the 3rd surname6 554 people
County DurhamThompson is the 3rd surname6 596 people
SuffolkThompson is the 3rd surname4 978 people
WolverhamptonThompson is the 3rd surname4 918 people
NottinghamshireThompson is the 4th surname8 106 people
East SussexThompson is the 6th surname4 934 people
County DownThompson is the 6th surname3 388 people
BerkshireThompson is the 6th surname6 558 people
West YorkshireThompson is the 6th surname9 694 people
Redcar and ClevelandThompson is the 8th surname1 794 people
DarlingtonThompson is the 8th surname1 782 people
LancashireThompson is the 11th surname9 776 people
West MidlandsThompson is the 12nd surname12 893 people
LincolnshireThompson is the 13rd surname5 008 people
MonmouthshireThompson is the 14th surname1 740 people
LeedsThompson is the 16th surname3 370 people
CumbriaThompson is the 16th surname3 430 people
WrexhamThompson is the 16th surname1 754 people
CaerphillyThompson is the 17th surname1 844 people
MorayThompson is the 19th surname1 804 people
OxfordshireThompson is the 22nd surname3 330 people
North LanarkshireThompson is the 22nd surname1 782 people
LutonThompson is the 24th surname1 802 people
Isle of WightThompson is the 24th surname1 792 people
KentThompson is the 27th surname6 476 people
DerbyThompson is the 27th surname1 770 people
South YorkshireThompson is the 28th surname4 902 people
MidlothianThompson is the 30th surname1 808 people
DevonThompson is the 40th surname3 386 people
Brighton and HoveThompson is the 39th surname1 840 people
Tyne and WearThompson is the 43rd surname3 420 people
ShropshireThompson is the 43rd surname1 786 people
Greater LondonThompson is the 44th surname8 178 people
HertfordshireThompson is the 45th surname3 336 people
MerseysideThompson is the 49th surname3 326 people
CornwallThompson is the 62nd surname1 758 people
HampshireThompson is the 70th surname3 410 people
LeicestershireThompson is the 70th surname1 772 people
GloucestershireThompson is the 74th surname1 782 people
SurreyThompson is the 85th surname3 414 people
BedfordshireThompson is the 95th surname1 754 people
NorfolkThompson is the 108th surname1 730 people
StaffordshireThompson is the 108th surname1 816 people
EssexThompson is the 124th surname3 314 people
Glasgow CityThompson is the 135th surname1 718 people
CheshireThompson is the 210th surname1 740 people

Sorted by county

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