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83Reid78 783
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86Palmer75 969
87Holmes75 423
88Rogers74 821
89Stevens73 965
90Walsh73 208
91Hunter72 547
92Thomson71 616
93Matthews70 610
94Ross70 274
95Owen69 870
96Mason69 708
97Knight69 522
98Kennedy69 299
99Butler69 298

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Overview » R » Robinson : surname


In Great Britain : 187 889 people share the surname Robinson according to our estimation
The surname Robinson is the 14th most common name in Great Britain.

Geographical spread

This map shows the geographical spread by county of surname Robinson in Great Britain. For example you can see below that over 5 % people whose name is Robinson live in Tyne and Wear­.

Data by county

BradfordRobinson is the 1st surname5 877 people
Tyne and WearRobinson is the 1st surname16 171 people
CheshireRobinson is the 2nd surname11 712 people
County DownRobinson is the 3rd surname4 486 people
MiddlesbroughRobinson is the 5th surname4 510 people
SuffolkRobinson is the 6th surname4 490 people
NottinghamshireRobinson is the 8th surname7 368 people
LancashireRobinson is the 8th surname11 818 people
West YorkshireRobinson is the 9th surname8 813 people
BelfastRobinson is the 15th surname4 432 people
HertfordshireRobinson is the 16th surname5 889 people
KentRobinson is the 20th surname7 324 people
MerseysideRobinson is the 21th surname5 879 people
AberdeenshireRobinson is the 23rd surname2 965 people
NorthumberlandRobinson is the 29th surname2 967 people
Redcar and ClevelandRobinson is the 39th surname1 580 people
West MidlandsRobinson is the 40th surname7 396 people
CeredigionRobinson is the 43rd surname1 608 people
North YorkshireRobinson is the 46th surname3 077 people
LeedsRobinson is the 47th surname3 025 people
County DurhamRobinson is the 48th surname3 067 people
DerbyshireRobinson is the 49th surname3 063 people
EssexRobinson is the 53rd surname5 879 people
FlintshireRobinson is the 58th surname1 554 people
NorthamptonshireRobinson is the 58th surname3 029 people
Argyll and ButeRobinson is the 61th surname1 596 people
SurreyRobinson is the 63rd surname4 512 people
FalkirkRobinson is the 64th surname1 566 people
BridgendRobinson is the 66th surname1 576 people
SwindonRobinson is the 74th surname1 506 people
Stockton-on-TeesRobinson is the 86th surname1 534 people
PortsmouthRobinson is the 96th surname1 536 people
South YorkshireRobinson is the 112nd surname2 971 people
DerbyRobinson is the 118th surname1 556 people
HampshireRobinson is the 152nd surname3 065 people
Greater LondonRobinson is the 159th surname4 530 people
LeicesterRobinson is the 183rd surname1 496 people
E Riding of YorkshireRobinson is the 186th surname1 592 people
CumbriaRobinson is the 196th surname1 630 people
Aberdeen CityRobinson is the 219th surname1 584 people
WarwickshireRobinson is the 236th surname1 496 people
WiltshireRobinson is the 240th surname1 582 people
CornwallRobinson is the 241th surname1 532 people
SomersetRobinson is the 252nd surname1 498 people
East SussexRobinson is the 258th surname1 548 people
West SussexRobinson is the 302nd surname1 514 people
NorfolkRobinson is the 396th surname1 504 people
BerkshireRobinson is the 421th surname1 586 people
LincolnshireRobinson is the 429th surname1 610 people
Greater ManchesterRobinson is the 512nd surname1 572 people

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