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20Wright171 438
21Green166 423
22Harris161 505
23Cooper161 076
24King160 918
25Lee159 502
26Martin152 842
27Clarke152 502
28James151 855
29Morgan150 454
30Hughes147 802
31Edwards147 540
32Hill145 723
33Moore144 446
34Clark140 662
35Harrison137 103
36Scott134 059
37Young131 862
38Morris131 499
39Hall129 805

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In Great Britain : 131 499 people share the surname Morris according to our estimation
The surname Morris is the 38th most common name in Great Britain.

Geographical spread

This map shows the geographical spread by county of surname Morris in Great Britain. For example you can see below that over 5 % people whose name is Morris live in West Midlands­.

Data by county

West MidlandsMorris is the 10th surname14 397 people
SurreyMorris is the 11th surname8 090 people
FifeMorris is the 16th surname3 346 people
Isle of AngleseyMorris is the 16th surname1 678 people
CardiffMorris is the 18th surname4 824 people
SuffolkMorris is the 28th surname3 310 people
LeedsMorris is the 30th surname3 288 people
Greater ManchesterMorris is the 33rd surname4 888 people
GwyneddMorris is the 35th surname1 678 people
Neath Port TalbotMorris is the 35th surname1 744 people
DerbyshireMorris is the 35th surname3 338 people
County TyroneMorris is the 39th surname1 698 people
BuckinghamshireMorris is the 43rd surname3 284 people
Vale of GlamorganMorris is the 43rd surname1 702 people
CheshireMorris is the 45th surname4 830 people
West YorkshireMorris is the 47th surname4 854 people
BristolMorris is the 49th surname3 282 people
CarmarthenshireMorris is the 49th surname1 688 people
East LothianMorris is the 53rd surname1 720 people
Tyne and WearMorris is the 62nd surname3 350 people
North LanarkshireMorris is the 69th surname1 700 people
NottinghamshireMorris is the 70th surname3 266 people
SouthamptonMorris is the 70th surname1 670 people
LincolnshireMorris is the 74th surname3 340 people
Bath AvonMorris is the 78th surname1 734 people
HertfordshireMorris is the 84th surname3 254 people
MerseysideMorris is the 86th surname3 244 people
South YorkshireMorris is the 87th surname3 246 people
BournemouthMorris is the 94th surname1 678 people
SwanseaMorris is the 104th surname1 684 people
Hereford and WorcesterMorris is the 106th surname1 660 people
YorkMorris is the 113rd surname1 736 people
ShropshireMorris is the 120th surname1 704 people
CumbriaMorris is the 149th surname1 762 people
CornwallMorris is the 175th surname1 676 people
WiltshireMorris is the 174th surname1 726 people
SomersetMorris is the 183rd surname1 642 people
LeicestershireMorris is the 183rd surname1 690 people
EssexMorris is the 184th surname3 232 people
LancashireMorris is the 189th surname3 350 people
BedfordshireMorris is the 228th surname1 672 people
West SussexMorris is the 231th surname1 646 people
StaffordshireMorris is the 236th surname1 734 people
OxfordshireMorris is the 241th surname1 662 people
BerkshireMorris is the 290th surname1 730 people
Greater LondonMorris is the 296th surname3 350 people
Glasgow CityMorris is the 304th surname1 636 people
DevonMorris is the 354th surname1 718 people
HampshireMorris is the 537th surname1 742 people
KentMorris is the 699th surname1 636 people

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