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140Watts54 124
141Webb54 036
142Lawrence53 575
143Bradley52 955
144Jenkins52 608
145Wells52 410
146Chambers52 399
147Spencer52 194
148Poole52 038
149Atkinson51 520
150Lawson50 971
151Day50 489
152Woods50 230
153Rees50 058
154Fraser49 924
155Black49 851
156Fletcher49 725
157Hussain49 663
158Willis49 648
159Marsh49 438

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Overview » M » Morgan : surname


In Great Britain : 150 454 people share the surname Morgan according to our estimation
The surname Morgan is the 29th most common name in Great Britain.

Geographical spread

This map shows the geographical spread by county of surname Morgan in Great Britain. For example you can see below that over 5 % people whose name is Morgan live in Wiltshire­.

Data by county

WiltshireMorgan is the 2nd surname8 118 people
DenbighshireMorgan is the 5th surname3 272 people
CardiffMorgan is the 6th surname8 044 people
CarmarthenshireMorgan is the 7th surname3 322 people
AberdeenshireMorgan is the 10th surname3 288 people
BedfordshireMorgan is the 10th surname4 892 people
YorkMorgan is the 10th surname3 370 people
MerseysideMorgan is the 14th surname6 464 people
CeredigionMorgan is the 16th surname1 788 people
SuffolkMorgan is the 17th surname3 358 people
TorfaenMorgan is the 18th surname1 762 people
East SussexMorgan is the 20th surname3 314 people
MonmouthshireMorgan is the 22nd surname1 706 people
West MidlandsMorgan is the 23rd surname9 686 people
Vale of GlamorganMorgan is the 24th surname1 750 people
Neath Port TalbotMorgan is the 26th surname1 792 people
Greater LondonMorgan is the 26th surname9 742 people
Dundee CityMorgan is the 26th surname1 790 people
SwindonMorgan is the 28th surname1 698 people
StaffordshireMorgan is the 30th surname3 368 people
GloucestershireMorgan is the 31th surname3 334 people
ConwyMorgan is the 30th surname1 786 people
MorayMorgan is the 34th surname1 770 people
HampshireMorgan is the 38th surname4 962 people
Stockton-on-TeesMorgan is the 38th surname1 714 people
Bath AvonMorgan is the 41th surname1 782 people
NewportMorgan is the 60th surname1 730 people
BournemouthMorgan is the 61th surname1 726 people
LancashireMorgan is the 64th surname4 984 people
City of EdinburghMorgan is the 69th surname1 714 people
SwanseaMorgan is the 69th surname1 732 people
Greater ManchesterMorgan is the 72nd surname3 350 people
Hereford and WorcesterMorgan is the 75th surname1 708 people
Brighton and HoveMorgan is the 75th surname1 806 people
EssexMorgan is the 77th surname4 866 people
ShropshireMorgan is the 77th surname1 752 people
DorsetMorgan is the 94th surname1 704 people
CumbriaMorgan is the 103rd surname1 810 people
SurreyMorgan is the 105th surname3 380 people
LeedsMorgan is the 135th surname1 750 people
BelfastMorgan is the 148th surname1 714 people
BuckinghamshireMorgan is the 155th surname1 746 people
North YorkshireMorgan is the 161th surname1 802 people
NorthamptonshireMorgan is the 168th surname1 754 people
OxfordshireMorgan is the 171th surname1 710 people
CambridgeshireMorgan is the 186th surname1 762 people
NorfolkMorgan is the 186th surname1 696 people
Glasgow CityMorgan is the 205th surname1 684 people
LincolnshireMorgan is the 210th surname1 802 people
Tyne and WearMorgan is the 215th surname1 812 people
HertfordshireMorgan is the 263rd surname1 716 people
CheshireMorgan is the 316th surname1 706 people
KentMorgan is the 484th surname1 684 people

Sorted by county

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