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180Ball43 967
181Mccarthy43 841
182Elliott43 810
183Burke43 670
184Gallagher43 183
185Duncan43 107
186Cooke42 991
187Austin42 785
188Read42 641
189Wallace42 601
190Hawkins42 543
191Hayes42 475
192Francis42 437
193Sutton42 393
194Davidson42 349
195Sharp42 266
196Holland41 869
197Moss40 964
198May40 836
199Bates40 781

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In Great Britain : 159 502 people share the surname Lee according to our estimation
The surname Lee is the 25th most common name in Great Britain.

Geographical spread

This map shows the geographical spread by county of surname Lee in Great Britain. For example you can see below that over 5 % people whose name is Lee live in Lancashire­.

Data by county

DorsetLee is the 2nd surname6 377 people
LancashireLee is the 6th surname12 830 people
SomersetLee is the 8th surname4 777 people
East SussexLee is the 9th surname4 815 people
CornwallLee is the 9th surname4 811 people
West LothianLee is the 12nd surname3 305 people
Greater ManchesterLee is the 15th surname6 425 people
City of EdinburghLee is the 20th surname3 215 people
LeicesterLee is the 21th surname3 189 people
AberdeenshireLee is the 22nd surname3 203 people
South YorkshireLee is the 23rd surname6 369 people
Tyne and WearLee is the 24th surname4 887 people
NorthumberlandLee is the 25th surname3 193 people
SurreyLee is the 27th surname6 467 people
West MidlandsLee is the 37th surname8 015 people
WrexhamLee is the 43rd surname1 623 people
EssexLee is the 48th surname6 367 people
CardiffLee is the 50th surname3 189 people
WiltshireLee is the 51th surname3 275 people
Rhondda Cynon TaffLee is the 56th surname1 649 people
CaerphillyLee is the 57th surname1 725 people
Bristol AvonLee is the 81th surname1 597 people
LincolnshireLee is the 87th surname3 303 people
SouthamptonLee is the 92nd surname1 633 people
PortsmouthLee is the 93rd surname1 631 people
County LondonderryLee is the 93rd surname1 597 people
North LanarkshireLee is the 102nd surname1 651 people
BradfordLee is the 105th surname1 607 people
Stoke-on-TrentLee is the 107th surname1 623 people
MerseysideLee is the 108th surname3 195 people
DerbyLee is the 112nd surname1 651 people
Bath AvonLee is the 113rd surname1 697 people
BournemouthLee is the 114th surname1 641 people
CheshireLee is the 126th surname3 207 people
West YorkshireLee is the 131th surname3 231 people
HampshireLee is the 144th surname3 291 people
ShropshireLee is the 152nd surname1 667 people
YorkLee is the 155th surname1 687 people
Brighton and HoveLee is the 158th surname1 721 people
KentLee is the 211th surname3 185 people
WarwickshireLee is the 222nd surname1 591 people
LeedsLee is the 244th surname1 665 people
West SussexLee is the 285th surname1 609 people
BuckinghamshireLee is the 297th surname1 661 people
StaffordshireLee is the 299th surname1 697 people
OxfordshireLee is the 325th surname1 625 people
BristolLee is the 329th surname1 659 people
Greater LondonLee is the 351th surname3 301 people
NorfolkLee is the 369th surname1 611 people
Glasgow CityLee is the 386th surname1 599 people
BerkshireLee is the 411th surname1 681 people
CambridgeshireLee is the 427th surname1 665 people
NottinghamshireLee is the 452nd surname1 643 people
DevonLee is the 470th surname1 681 people
HertfordshireLee is the 484th surname1 631 people

Sorted by county

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