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160Ahmed49 385
161Doyle49 093
162Lowe48 795
163Burns48 179
164Hopkins48 145
165Nicholson47 947
166Parry47 611
167Newman47 474
168Jordan47 311
169Henderson46 745
170Howard46 513
171Barrett46 507
172Burton46 432
173Riley46 323
174Porter45 820
175Byrne44 686
176Houghton44 528
177John44 411
178Perry44 306
179Baxter44 182

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Overview » J » Johnson : surname


In Great Britain : 214 969 people share the surname Johnson according to our estimation
The surname Johnson is the 11th most common name in Great Britain.

Geographical spread

This map shows the geographical spread by county of surname Johnson in Great Britain. For example you can see below that over 5 % people whose name is Johnson live in Essex­.

Data by county

DevonJohnson is the 4th surname7 242 people
BerkshireJohnson is the 5th surname7 254 people
EssexJohnson is the 5th surname14 251 people
Greater LondonJohnson is the 6th surname20 034 people
DenbighshireJohnson is the 8th surname2 914 people
NottinghamshireJohnson is the 9th surname7 204 people
Scottish BordersJohnson is the 14th surname2 978 people
West SussexJohnson is the 14th surname4 338 people
StaffordshireJohnson is the 15th surname4 438 people
OxfordshireJohnson is the 15th surname4 354 people
MiddlesbroughJohnson is the 15th surname3 020 people
NorfolkJohnson is the 15th surname4 340 people
CheshireJohnson is the 17th surname7 182 people
BristolJohnson is the 18th surname4 388 people
LancashireJohnson is the 19th surname8 705 people
South GloucestershireJohnson is the 19th surname1 616 people
West MidlandsJohnson is the 20th surname10 065 people
KentJohnson is the 21th surname7 172 people
Tyne and WearJohnson is the 26th surname4 456 people
SomersetJohnson is the 30th surname2 918 people
PooleJohnson is the 30th surname1 602 people
West YorkshireJohnson is the 31th surname5 790 people
North Eart LincolnshireJohnson is the 32nd surname1 622 people
East SussexJohnson is the 39th surname2 956 people
CeredigionJohnson is the 42nd surname1 612 people
SuffolkJohnson is the 42nd surname3 000 people
North LincolnshireJohnson is the 43rd surname1 498 people
South YorkshireJohnson is the 46th surname4 352 people
North YorkshireJohnson is the 47th surname3 042 people
GloucestershireJohnson is the 50th surname2 976 people
HampshireJohnson is the 56th surname4 434 people
FlintshireJohnson is the 57th surname1 558 people
NorthamptonshireJohnson is the 59th surname2 994 people
CaerphillyJohnson is the 62nd surname1 622 people
Vale of GlamorganJohnson is the 66th surname1 562 people
Kingston upon HullJohnson is the 74th surname1 560 people
LincolnshireJohnson is the 94th surname3 030 people
PortsmouthJohnson is the 95th surname1 540 people
HertfordshireJohnson is the 102nd surname2 944 people
Stoke-on-TrentJohnson is the 111th surname1 520 people
MidlothianJohnson is the 113rd surname1 598 people
BournemouthJohnson is the 123rd surname1 550 people
FifeJohnson is the 150th surname1 620 people
ShropshireJohnson is the 163rd surname1 564 people
YorkJohnson is the 165th surname1 596 people
AberdeenshireJohnson is the 173rd surname1 514 people
NorthumberlandJohnson is the 180th surname1 504 people
LeicesterJohnson is the 182nd surname1 500 people
E Riding of YorkshireJohnson is the 185th surname1 596 people
CumbriaJohnson is the 195th surname1 634 people
DorsetJohnson is the 223rd surname1 516 people
WarwickshireJohnson is the 235th surname1 500 people
WiltshireJohnson is the 239th surname1 586 people
CornwallJohnson is the 240th surname1 536 people
LeedsJohnson is the 255th surname1 562 people
County DurhamJohnson is the 269th surname1 616 people
LeicestershireJohnson is the 274th surname1 550 people
DerbyshireJohnson is the 296th surname1 612 people
CardiffJohnson is the 300th surname1 512 people
BuckinghamshireJohnson is the 314th surname1 558 people
BedfordshireJohnson is the 318th surname1 532 people
CambridgeshireJohnson is the 438th surname1 574 people
Greater ManchesterJohnson is the 511th surname1 576 people
SurreyJohnson is the 689th surname1 606 people

Sorted by county

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