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160Ahmed49 385
161Doyle49 093
162Lowe48 795
163Burns48 179
164Hopkins48 145
165Nicholson47 947
166Parry47 611
167Newman47 474
168Jordan47 311
169Henderson46 745
170Howard46 513
171Barrett46 507
172Burton46 432
173Riley46 323
174Porter45 820
175Byrne44 686
176Houghton44 528
177John44 411
178Perry44 306
179Baxter44 182

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In Great Britain : 151 855 people share the surname James according to our estimation
The surname James is the 28th most common name in Great Britain.

Geographical spread

This map shows the geographical spread by county of surname James in Great Britain. For example you can see below that over 5 % people whose name is James live in Greater London­.

Data by county

PooleJames is the 1st surname3 353 people
CaerphillyJames is the 3rd surname4 959 people
BedfordshireJames is the 5th surname6 455 people
SouthamptonJames is the 5th surname3 281 people
AngusJames is the 7th surname3 287 people
GloucestershireJames is the 9th surname4 897 people
DerbyJames is the 10th surname3 299 people
Greater LondonJames is the 14th surname12 892 people
Aberdeen CityJames is the 15th surname3 327 people
CardiffJames is the 15th surname4 849 people
SurreyJames is the 20th surname6 529 people
TorfaenJames is the 21th surname1 739 people
East SussexJames is the 23rd surname3 291 people
CeredigionJames is the 25th surname1 765 people
PowysJames is the 24th surname1 673 people
GwyneddJames is the 26th surname1 703 people
LeicestershireJames is the 26th surname3 301 people
DerbyshireJames is the 27th surname3 363 people
DenbighshireJames is the 28th surname1 663 people
MonmouthshireJames is the 28th surname1 683 people
WiltshireJames is the 31th surname3 337 people
Neath Port TalbotJames is the 31th surname1 769 people
OxfordshireJames is the 32nd surname3 273 people
South YorkshireJames is the 33rd surname4 845 people
FlintshireJames is the 33rd surname1 723 people
Vale of GlamorganJames is the 36th surname1 715 people
BridgendJames is the 37th surname1 733 people
Kingston upon HullJames is the 43rd surname1 725 people
CarmarthenshireJames is the 46th surname1 701 people
BerkshireJames is the 50th surname3 329 people
North LanarkshireJames is the 53rd surname1 725 people
County LondonderryJames is the 63rd surname1 659 people
LancashireJames is the 68th surname4 961 people
MiddlesbroughJames is the 82nd surname1 757 people
SwanseaJames is the 84th surname1 709 people
EssexJames is the 84th surname4 843 people
FifeJames is the 85th surname1 785 people
City of EdinburghJames is the 85th surname1 691 people
Hereford and WorcesterJames is the 93rd surname1 685 people
County DownJames is the 94th surname1 745 people
CheshireJames is the 97th surname3 269 people
NorthumberlandJames is the 116th surname1 669 people
DorsetJames is the 126th surname1 681 people
CornwallJames is the 133rd surname1 701 people
West SussexJames is the 191th surname1 671 people
North YorkshireJames is the 192nd surname1 779 people
BuckinghamshireJames is the 197th surname1 723 people
Glasgow CityJames is the 252nd surname1 661 people
Tyne and WearJames is the 256th surname1 789 people
LincolnshireJames is the 265th surname1 779 people
DevonJames is the 290th surname1 743 people
NottinghamshireJames is the 291th surname1 705 people
HertfordshireJames is the 318th surname1 693 people
HampshireJames is the 449th surname1 767 people
KentJames is the 579th surname1 661 people
West MidlandsJames is the 633rd surname1 733 people

Sorted by county

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