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1Smith729 862
2Jones578 261
3Taylor458 268
4Williams411 385
5Brown380 443
6Davies316 982
7Evans231 844
8Wilson227 652
9Thomas220 228
10Roberts219 694
11Johnson214 969
12Lewis198 193
13Walker195 372
14Robinson187 889
15Wood186 261
16Thompson183 266
17White181 979
18Watson181 296
19Jackson173 538
20Wright171 438

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In Great Britain : 173 538 people share the surname Jackson according to our estimation
The surname Jackson is the 19th most common name in Great Britain.

Geographical spread

This map shows the geographical spread by county of surname Jackson in Great Britain. For example you can see below that over 5 % people whose name is Jackson live in Cheshire­.

Data by county

LincolnshireJackson is the 1st surname8 147 people
StaffordshireJackson is the 2nd surname8 139 people
CumbriaJackson is the 3rd surname6 581 people
LeedsJackson is the 4th surname6 521 people
NorthumberlandJackson is the 6th surname4 877 people
CheshireJackson is the 6th surname9 649 people
PortsmouthJackson is the 7th surname3 315 people
NorthamptonshireJackson is the 8th surname4 939 people
Greater ManchesterJackson is the 11th surname6 523 people
Greater LondonJackson is the 12nd surname12 916 people
PooleJackson is the 14th surname1 791 people
BerkshireJackson is the 15th surname4 951 people
WarwickshireJackson is the 16th surname3 275 people
East AyrshireJackson is the 17th surname1 723 people
North LincolnshireJackson is the 18th surname1 687 people
Milton KeynesJackson is the 19th surname1 725 people
Channel IslandsJackson is the 20th surname1 781 people
South AyrshireJackson is the 20th surname1 741 people
Dumfries and GallowayJackson is the 21th surname1 727 people
LancashireJackson is the 22nd surname8 169 people
HertfordshireJackson is the 22nd surname4 901 people
ConwyJackson is the 23rd surname1 799 people
West YorkshireJackson is the 23rd surname6 501 people
North YorkshireJackson is the 24th surname3 401 people
Argyll and ButeJackson is the 26th surname1 789 people
Bristol AvonJackson is the 29th surname1 695 people
SwindonJackson is the 27th surname1 699 people
Stockton-on-TeesJackson is the 28th surname1 727 people
CambridgeshireJackson is the 33rd surname3 349 people
West LothianJackson is the 35th surname1 817 people
SurreyJackson is the 42nd surname4 979 people
DevonJackson is the 46th surname3 365 people
MidlothianJackson is the 47th surname1 787 people
DerbyJackson is the 48th surname1 749 people
WolverhamptonJackson is the 48th surname1 713 people
NottinghamshireJackson is the 51th surname3 327 people
Scottish BordersJackson is the 54th surname1 763 people
BournemouthJackson is the 53rd surname1 739 people
YorkJackson is the 60th surname1 785 people
ShropshireJackson is the 63rd surname1 765 people
AberdeenshireJackson is the 68th surname1 715 people
EssexJackson is the 71th surname4 879 people
E Riding of YorkshireJackson is the 77th surname1 785 people
CornwallJackson is the 77th surname1 737 people
GloucestershireJackson is the 116th surname1 749 people
DerbyshireJackson is the 120th surname1 813 people
KentJackson is the 125th surname3 283 people
BuckinghamshireJackson is the 151th surname1 747 people
NorfolkJackson is the 161th surname1 709 people
Glasgow CityJackson is the 204th surname1 685 people
South YorkshireJackson is the 254th surname1 709 people
MerseysideJackson is the 261th surname1 707 people
West MidlandsJackson is the 470th surname1 769 people

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