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100Saunders69 004
101Cole68 854
102Pearce68 707
103Dean68 073
104Foster67 675
105Harvey67 231
106Hudson66 488
107Gibson66 246
108Mills65 966
109Berry65 022
110Barnes64 291
111Pearson64 156
112Kaur63 969
113Booth63 239
114Dixon63 151
115Grant63 130
116Gordon62 747
117Lane62 226
118Harper61 606
119Ali61 008

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Overview » A » Anderson : surname


In Great Britain : 115 333 people share the surname Anderson according to our estimation
The surname Anderson is the 48th most common name in Great Britain.

Geographical spread

This map shows the geographical spread by county of surname Anderson in Great Britain. For example you can see below that over 5 % people whose name is Anderson live in Glasgow City­.

Data by county

Glasgow CityAnderson is the 3rd surname9 355 people
AberdeenshireAnderson is the 6th surname4 708 people
Perth and KinrossAnderson is the 7th surname3 233 people
West LothianAnderson is the 13rd surname3 255 people
BradfordAnderson is the 15th surname3 143 people
InverclydeAnderson is the 27th surname1 684 people
DorsetAnderson is the 28th surname3 155 people
Merthyr TydfilAnderson is the 31th surname1 624 people
County DurhamAnderson is the 46th surname3 255 people
West SussexAnderson is the 52nd surname3 145 people
FlintshireAnderson is the 56th surname1 642 people
BuckinghamshireAnderson is the 57th surname3 197 people
BristolAnderson is the 58th surname3 195 people
Argyll and ButeAnderson is the 60th surname1 684 people
BedfordshireAnderson is the 60th surname3 171 people
FalkirkAnderson is the 63rd surname1 654 people
MorayAnderson is the 63rd surname1 666 people
South LanarkshireAnderson is the 76th surname1 666 people
Tyne and WearAnderson is the 85th surname3 263 people
DevonAnderson is the 85th surname3 217 people
AngusAnderson is the 102nd surname1 620 people
MerseysideAnderson is the 110th surname3 157 people
Stoke-on-TrentAnderson is the 110th surname1 604 people
HighlandAnderson is the 120th surname1 676 people
MiddlesbroughAnderson is the 124th surname1 688 people
City of EdinburghAnderson is the 142nd surname1 610 people
HampshireAnderson is the 150th surname3 241 people
County DownAnderson is the 161th surname1 664 people
SurreyAnderson is the 161th surname3 245 people
YorkAnderson is the 163rd surname1 680 people
NorthumberlandAnderson is the 179th surname1 588 people
LeicesterAnderson is the 181th surname1 584 people
KentAnderson is the 215th surname3 135 people
LancashireAnderson is the 236th surname3 263 people
WiltshireAnderson is the 238th surname1 670 people
LeedsAnderson is the 254th surname1 646 people
East SussexAnderson is the 257th surname1 624 people
North YorkshireAnderson is the 274th surname1 710 people
BelfastAnderson is the 301th surname1 610 people
NorthamptonshireAnderson is the 326th surname1 650 people
OxfordshireAnderson is the 342nd surname1 606 people
Greater LondonAnderson is the 359th surname3 263 people
BerkshireAnderson is the 419th surname1 674 people
LincolnshireAnderson is the 428th surname1 698 people
Greater ManchesterAnderson is the 507th surname1 660 people
South YorkshireAnderson is the 512nd surname1 604 people
West YorkshireAnderson is the 542nd surname1 626 people
CheshireAnderson is the 573rd surname1 602 people
EssexAnderson is the 924th surname1 590 people
West MidlandsAnderson is the 939th surname1 652 people

Sorted by county

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